Iris EleziPianist, Arranger, Performer

Ms. Elezi is a brilliant pianist known for her variety of nuances and passionate performances.

Ms. Elezi has performed solo and chamber concerts at Bezanson Hall, Tilley center , Carnegie Hall, Yamaha salon , Seully Hall and etc. She has been an accompanist for SCMEA, All County , NYSSMA, All state and etc.
She has played many musicals in different theatres ,chamber concerts, instrumentalists’ auditions and competitions.Ms.Elezi has performed in USA and Europe.

Ms. Elezi is an Albanian American pianist who wants to promote the power of music and music education in the world. She is grateful to her teachers : Dr. Jonathan Bass, Estela Olevsky , Nigel Coxe,Douglas Buys, Anita Tartari , Elsa Veizi but especially Dr. Diana Mittler Battipaglia for her guidance and time.
In her free time, Ms. Elezi writes poetry , creates digital music, improvises and composes songs.She is a member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars, NMEA and International Honor’s Society.

Rachmaninov - Chopin - Bach - Beethoven - Ginastera - Liszt

Digital album by Iris Elezi, 2020

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Photography by Fadil Berisha